Friday, 5 Feb 2010

For the “What’s The Word, Thunderbird” showing in January.

Friday, 5 Feb 2010

Buena Vista by The Cinnamon Band

Tuesday, 19 Jan 2010

January 14th, 2010. Clementine Cafe. “What’s The Word, Thunderbird?!?” New work by Will Renton & Tim Skirven.

Friday, 4 Dec 2009

He’s back! John Hostetter plays a real up-beat jingle here with a happy ending. Everybody have a good weekend.

Friday, 4 Dec 2009

Happy Friday! Ben and Mel of Mild Winter played us a tune. Well, you too, I guess.

Thursday, 3 Dec 2009

Wednesday, 2 Dec 2009

A couple of stand-up gents from Richmond, VA. More to come!

Saturday, 21 Nov 2009

You Know My Name

Monday, 16 Nov 2009

It’s Monday! Get to work!

Friday, 13 Nov 2009

Happy Friday! Don’t Stop!

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